Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beard Update: Week 5

My attempts at keeping my beard trimmed have yielded uneven, or rather lopsided results. However, I’m kind of scared that further attempts to even it out will just make matters worse. I am in need of professional help. Ironically, there are barbers everywhere – even in the streets of Old Dhaka – giving shaves with straight edge razors. But that is a whole different kind of scary. This is certainly an act of determination.

In other news, I shampooed my face this morning. 


  1. lol. i love the beard updates. I was actually gonna suggest a trip to the barber today...not that i think you need to but just thought it might be fun. Steve got a haircut and a shoulder massage for Tk300.

  2. P.s. My dad said you now look like a white Taliban and you must have scared the poor folks at Pyongyang. He made me write this. And his latest favorite joke- If you go to Pyongyang, we may have to send President Clinton to rescue you. lol.

  3. Fantastic. I don't know if that is better or worse than looking Amish, haha.