Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Temples of Doom

Lonely Planet states, “If Indian Jones were a real man, than he’d be living in Rajshahi Division. For tucked away in this unknown corner of the country are a plethora of ruins and reminders. In fact there’s so much history stashed away up here that you sometimes feel that you can’t move without tripping over some other forgotten temple or decaying palace.” Well, we all wanted to let out our inner Indy, so we made time for a little sightseeing.

Left: The adventurers gathered, waiting for our transport (Matin, Michael, Sam, Mofise the Dog). Right: A rare sighting of underground pig farmers (it's a Muslim country).

Left: Our vehicle's rain protection. Right: The Branch Manager, Aziz, lost in the tarp.

Left/Center/Right: Siva Temple

Left: The shrine at the Siva Temple, and the fabled grounds-keeper of the Puthia estate. Center: Many of the reliefs were destroyed in the Liberation War. Right: Not sure whether that building is religious or official.

Left: Govinda Temple. Right: The excellently preserved terracotta inscriptions depict the Hindu epic of Krishna.

Left: Us at Govinda. Right: Puthia Palace

Left: Gopala Temple. Right: Old government building that really does look like a scene out of Indiana Jones.

Center: This mosque was lost to history until about three years previous, when a nearby road was laid.

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