Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day of Rest

Between the Muslim holiday and jetlag, my Wednesday was shot. I took the opportunity to rest, get the blog up, and check out the hotel facilities while I still have them. Tomorrow, I’m moving to a “guesthouse”, which is pretty much just a lower-grade hotel. I’m not too concerned about the downgrade in quality, as long as the place is clean and has A/C. Besides, I’m here for the developing world experience. And even if I’m only half fulfilling that, I can at least put the difference in cost into more useful services, like translator, or driver, etc. Also, I’m happy to be moving locations. The hotel I’m in now, while nice, is in more of a business/city center type neighborhood. The new one is in a more residential/diplomatic one, where there is a lot more stuff I can walk to… or get lost trying.

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