Monday, July 26, 2010

Grameen Springfield...?

I picked up the Daily Star (a local English-language newspaper) this morning, thinking that reading it would be a great way to get up to speed with current events in Bangladesh. On the cover-page was this article about how Prof. Yunus is to be featured in an upcoming episode of “The Simpsons”, and how Yeardley Smith, who plays the voice of Lisa Simpson, is here in Bangladesh visiting the Grameen Bank :

I thought, “How funny.” Little did I know that I would end up meeting Yeardley Smith in the hotel restaurant late this evening! But I did. It was pretty exciting for me since I’ve been watching “The Simpsons” ever since it was just a skit on the Tracey Ullman Show. I truly grew up with it. Oh, the people you meet in Dhaka…

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