Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunny / Money

Last night, Sunny and I had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant near Banani. After we finished eating I asked one of the servers to take a picture of us. As manpower is Bangladesh’s greatest resource, the other two servers came over to assist him, and what ensued was a hilarious, team effort series of photographs. One held the camera, while another held his elbows steady from behind (think Heimlich maneuver stance), and the third spotted – for proper focus, I suppose. I wished I had a second camera to take a picture of them taking a picture. Nevertheless, this is a good, if not strange, example of how important hospitality and service is here in Bangladesh. They truly aim to please!

After we paid the bill and got our change, Sunny and I made an interesting observation about the money. With all the different denominations of bills there in front of us, it was somewhat easy to see the evidence of a significant wealth discrepancy in the country. The “10s”, which had probably been through the hands of countless rickshaw drivers and urban poor, were filthy and tattered looking, while the “1000s”, which had probably never seen any of those same hands, were quite pristine. And while this may happen to a degree with every country’s currency, it seemed particularly prominent compared to any I had seen before.


  1. Your beard either reminds of Wolverine or the Amish. I'm still deciding. Will keep you posted.

  2. Glad you guys had fun! Looks like a very western establishment, judging from the wine and candle on plate ensemble