Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Arrival in Dhaka

I've decided to put my journal online for everyone (anyone?) who wants to read about it.

7/25/10 - My Arrival in Dhaka

Today, I arrived in Dhaka. I'm not sure exactly what to expect for the rest of my stay, but I know I'm in for a true developing world experience. I could see this from my ride to the hotel from the airport. As reported, the traffic here is crazy. My first impression was that it was something out of Mad Max. Buses and taxis looked like they had been pieced together out of the wreckage of other buses and taxis. Most cars were retrofitted with steel-pipe fenders. Not a single vehicle was in a marked lane of traffic. Instead, spacing was determined by a chorus of honking and high-beam flashing. And in this mess were mixed cars, busses, trucks, motorcycles with upwards of three people on back, bicycles, rickshaws, and even a few very displeased looking heads of cattle - not to mention a throng of pedestrians running across the streets, and street vendors casually walking in between cars, selling popcorn and other snack foods. Yes, this is definitely a developing country.

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